Our Services


We offer dispatch services for independent Owner Operators, carriers and Fleet owners operating under their own authority.
We are dedicated to finding the best loads by monitoring the freight market. “Let Us Do the Work & You Just Drive.”

Finding Best Loads

Rate Negotiation

Shipper Documentation

Accurate invoicing

Freight Tracking

Trip Planning

Open Communication

24/7 Dispatch Service

Broker-Carrier Package

All Back Office Paper Work

Market Analysis & Recommendations

Our Mission

  • Express TruckingDedicated vehicles, our know-how and vast network - Express Trucking pays dividends.
  • Same Day DeliverySame Day Delivery nationwide via ground or air, managed by professionals in the industry.
  • Expedited Truckload Expedited Truckload brings vans, trucks or air services matching your objectives.

Ladies At Work Dispatching Trucks LLC is well positioned to provide you with a logistics solution that will maximize all the components of your supply chain into one cohesive unit. We will further add value by keeping you informed about your shipment status and serve as the central point for all supply chain

Every day, millions of packages and pieces of freight are shipped across the country – but only one is important: Yours.

As the daily demands of business and pace of competition continue increasing, you need a logistics partner who can keep up. The answer is Lawds2021@gmail.com